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What’s The Relationship Between ED and Premature Ejaculation?

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What’s The Relationship Between ED and Premature Ejaculation?

What’s The Relationship Between ED and Premature Ejaculation?


Research points to the fact that there is a relationship between ED and premature ejaculation. These are two of the more common types of sexual issues that men face. However, many of these patients don’t understand how the two can be connected.


In many documented cases, untreated underlying ED can lead to instances of premature ejaculation. This is true even in men that don’t know they have erectile dysfunctions. Although these are two different and distinct conditions, there are some similarities.


The first step in understanding the relationship is having a clear definition of the two issues.


Premature Ejaculation - A Definition   


This occurs when a man ejaculates during intercourse faster than expected. Research points to the fact that up to 40% of men can suffer from this common problem. Various causes include psychological or emotional factors as well as chemical imbalances and physical problems.


  • Chemical and physical issues that can bring on premature ejaculation include hormonal problems with the level of oxytocin. While there are other chemicals that play a central role in sexual function for men, this one is central.
  • Another common issue is performance anxiety. This can be the result of being with a new, unfamiliar partner or beginning to have sex again after a period of abstinence.


There are times when premature ejaculation can be simply caused by a penis that is extra sensitive to different kinds of stimulation.


What is ED?


Erectile dysfunction is also commonly known as impotence. There are various psychological and physical underlying causes. These include reduced blood flow to the penis as a result of clogged blood vessels and high blood pressure. Uncontrolled diabetes can also damage nerves and cause ED.


Men can suffer from these two different problems simultaneously. Understanding how they interact can lead to effective treatments.


What’s The Relationship Between the Two?


There’s solid evidence that points to the fact that getting treated for erectile dysfunction can actually help improve other conditions such as premature ejaculation, at the same time.


A body of evidence points to the fact that suffering from ED also increases a man’s chance of premature ejaculation. In fact, research has shown that men facing these issues are struggling with sexual dysfunction.


The Research


A study titled, The Comorbidity Between Premature Ejaculation and Erectile Dysfunction — a cross-sectional Internet Survey, was carried out in 2019. The study involved 937 men with a median age of 41 years to 51 years.


Depression and Poor Self Esteem


This study found that depression, poor self-esteem, and trouble with sexual relationships were common among the participants who suffered from ED or PE. This study confirmed that there was a coexistence between the two conditions and a complicated relationship.


Sexual Wellness


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