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Shockwave Therapy for ED in Toronto: A Noninvasive Alternative That Works

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Shockwave Therapy for ED in Toronto: A Noninvasive Alternative That Works

Shockwave Therapy for ED in Toronto is a noninvasive treatment that has found many different uses over the years. For example, it’s quite often been used for orthopedic injuries and kidney stones. Recently, professionals and urologists have begun implementing it to treat erectile dysfunction (ED).


Of course, the clinical question that gets asked by practitioners and patients alike is does it work? Here’s an overview of this therapy that can help you decide if you want to pursue it.


What It Is  


Low-intensity shockwave therapy uses focused high-energy soundwaves to foster cell growth thus speeding up tissue repair. It promotes a constant healthy blood flow to the penis. This therapy is gaining traction to strengthen and repair those blood vessels to improve the flow.


Healing Process


A handheld wand is used that emits targeted soundwaves. During the treatment, it is used to stimulate penis tissue and foster blood flow. It can also up the healing process under some circumstances.


 The Differences Between Radial Wave and Shockwave Therapy for ED In Toronto


Patients considering one of these two options should know about the differences. Radial therapy is often advertised as another noninvasive treatment option that’s available at nonmedical and medical facilities. 


However, there is no data to support any of the claims that can help men with ED. on the other hand, there is some research data demonstrating that shockwave therapy stimulates blood flow. There is evidence that can also help blood vessels to grow. 


In the end, shockwave therapy is the more proven choice to alleviate ED. This is the treatment that is specifically designed to tackle insufficient blood flow.  The corpora cavernosa is located inside the penis and it contains two arteries. Without the proper current, the penis does not get erect and remains flaccid.


The extracorporeal shockwave that is used in this treatment is specifically designed to target the areas where blood is otherwise being constrained. This is a safe treatment for men with different issues even heart disease.


Please read on to find out more about who suitable candidates are.


The Best Candidates for Shockwave Therapy for ED in Toronto


 A 2019 study found that shockwave therapy improved this issue significantly. The best results were found among men with vasculogenic ED. These results piggyback on a European study that was done in 2010 on male patients who had organic erectile dysfunction.


This is a good procedure for men who are not responding well to medications or are not interested in taking them. This regenerative therapy can also reverse some of the causes of ED. Some researchers indicated that it is 63.5% effective. 


This particular treatment has not been approved by the FDA in the United States yet. However, there is some encouraging research including the fact the above-mentioned 2010 pilot study found that men had no adverse side effects. 


The Toronto Precision Sexual Health Clinic for Men understands how essential your sexual well-being is to your happiness and health. We offer shockwave therapy for ED in Toronto that is groundbreaking.


Natural and Normal Responses


This service allows men with ED to regain natural and normal responses to sexual arousal without side effects, health risks, or drugs. If you’re looking for a normal sex life without needing to rely on medications, get in touch with us at 416.792.1007 or book your consult here

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