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Platelet Rich Plasma and ED in Toronto

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Platelet Rich Plasma and ED in Toronto

You can schedule a confidential consultation with us today to learn more about platelet-rich plasma and ED in Toronto. This is a big aspect of the injection therapy that we offer. This treatment has been successful in sports medicine, plastic surgery, and orthopedics.


Read on to find out more about how platelet-rich plasma (PRP) in your blood is important to this technique’s success.


What PRP Is All About


This is an element of your blood that has possibilities for tissue regeneration and healing. It’s been used to treat muscle injuries and tendon problems and to help patients recover from surgery.


It’s also gaining traction as a therapy for erectile dysfunction Here is some of what the research says about its effectiveness.  Understanding how this treatment works can give you a better idea if it is right for you.


A 2020 research paper took into account several animal studies and applied the findings to humans. The results showed no major adverse reactions. The Canadian Urological Association Journal has also published some of their findings.


How Platelet-Rich Plasma and ED in Toronto Treatments Work 


The components that make up your blood include platelets and plasma as well as white blood cells and red blood cells. The liquid element that comprises 50% of the volume is called plasma. Platelets are important so your blood clots after an accident or injury. They also include proteins that help speed along the healing process.


Therein lies the benefit of these treatments. The idea is to make the blood vessels and tissues in the penis stronger and healthier.


A Small Sample of Blood


A small sample of the patient’s blood is taken and placed in a centrifuge. This machine separates the platelets and plasma. The resulting mixture contains a high concentration of platelets. This mixture is what gets injected through what’s called a Priapus Shot.


The process takes around 60 minutes and there’s nothing that needs to be done to prepare.


A Relatively New Therapy


Remember, this type of therapy is relatively new. However, it’s been used in several different areas and there is excellent scientific data that shows its potential. Likely benefits include improved self-confidence as well as increased pleasure and sensation.


Keep in mind that a numbing cream can be used prior to the injection. This means that men only feel a bit of pressure and a pinch.  Many patients see an improvement immediately after a session.


Added To the Inventory


Looking for more information on Platelet Rich Plasma and ED? The Toronto Precision Sexual Health Clinic for Men can help. Our injection therapy treatments are the latest ones that we’ve added to our inventory of services to help you. The benefits include increased pleasure and sensation as well as a boost in self-confidence. These direct injections also help restore intimacy to your relationships with a spontaneous response to sexual desire.

Call us today for more information or to schedule your confidential consultation at 416.792.1007
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