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Here’s Some Frequently Asked Questions About Delayed Ejaculation

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Here’s Some Frequently Asked Questions About Delayed Ejaculation

Many men who are suffering from delayed ejaculation in Toronto can feel both inadequate and anxious about their sexual performance. Left untreated, this situation can lead to a lack of intimacy and frustration.


Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we get about this ailment.


What is Delayed Ejaculation?

This issue, sometimes called inhibited ejaculation, is where men take a long time to reach a climax. Some are unable to release any semen from their penis and ejaculate at all.

It’s a problem that can be lifelong or temporary. This is a common issue that can occur from time to time. However, it becomes an issue when it causes stress for a man or his partner. Many experts say delayed ejaculation occurs when a man requires more than half an hour of stimulation to reach orgasm and ejaculate.


What Are the Common Causes?

Some of the common causes include medications and surgeries, as well as chronic health conditions.

There are many different causes, including psychological concerns. A traumatic experience can be behind this issue. Several religious and cultural taboos can give sex a negative implication. Depression and anxiety can also lower sexual desire and result in delayed ejaculation. 


What Medical Conditions Contribute to This Problem?

Certain types of trauma and surgeries can cause delayed ejaculation. These include accidents that damage the pelvis or spine. Some of the other contributing factors include urinary or prostate infections. Men who have had a stroke or suffer from neuropathy are also at a higher risk for delayed ejaculation.

There are also several medications that can cause this issue, including, but not limited to, antipsychotics and antidepressants. Different medications for high blood pressure are also known culprits.


What Are the Treatment Options?

There are different treatment options for this issue. We always recommend that men suffering from delayed ejaculation get treated as soon as possible because the result can be diminished sexual pleasure. Without getting the right treatments, your relationship, marital status, and self-esteem can run into problems because of an unsatisfactory sexual life.


Some of the best treatment choices include injection and shockwave therapy.

Shockwave therapy is specifically designed to trigger the regeneration of the penile blood vessels in the shaft. This is considered an investigational treatment that can be very effective according to guidelines published by the American Urological Association.

The Toronto Precision Sexual Health Clinic for Men offers several different treatment options for delayed ejaculation in the Toronto area. The process begins with a confidential initial visit because we want to provide the most suitable treatment for each patient.


You can meet Dr. Juta privately via telehealth or at our clinic.


Remember, there’s no need for a referral, but you can get one. We always like to remind our patients they’re not limited to one treatment. Over the years, we’ve found that the results are much better with several therapies spread over time.


Call us today at (647) 951-1171 or click on the book your appointment tab at the top of the page.  We look forward to helping you. 

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