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An Important Checklist Concerning ED And The Value of Exercise in Toronto

An Important Checklist Concerning  ED And The Value of Exercise in Toronto

We want our clients to have an important checklist Concerting ED and the value of exercise in Toronto.  Our mission has always been to make sure our clients receive the highest standard of male sexual health treatments.


That’s why we’ve put together an important checklist of the exercises that can help eliminate some or all of your erectile dysfunction.


The Evidence


There is some strong evidence from the Harvard Medical School that exercising even only a few hours a week can reduce ED. Prior to 2006, the research was basically limited to men in their 50s and 60s. The most recent data included men 40 to 75 and ran for 14 years.


The research was conclusive. Men that ran for 90 minutes or worked outside for three hours a week were a full 20% less likely to develop erectile dysfunction.


There are other options that have had proven results. 


The Kegel Exercise


This exercise can lessen your chances of developing ED. To locate the right muscles you need to work on, men should try and stop their urination in mid-flow. The muscles that need this exercise the most are called the pelvic floor muscles.


Here’s how this exercise works. 

  • Lie down with an empty bladder.
  • Tighten the muscle for 5 seconds.
  • Relax the muscle for 5 seconds.
  • Repeat three times a day, 10 sets each time.   

Some men decide on treating this issue with medications like Viagra. However, there are other options and exercises beyond the one mentioned above.


 ED And The Value of Exercise in Toronto Alternate Options  


A study from the United Kingdom points to pelvic exercises. Research says these can help 40% of men to regain normal function. These types of exercises can also help reduce bowel incontinence and stop dribbling after urination. They’ve also been proven to enhance the sexual experience.


Aerobic Exercises


Some urologists and other professionals also suggest aerobic exercises can help. A 2018 research paper points to the fact these types of workouts often have proven results. They need to be practiced at least 40 minutes per session, four times a week.


The results don’t happen overnight. The data shows that it takes at least six months to see any improvements. Some of the aerobic exercises that have the best results include running, cycling, rowing and boxing.


Similar Benefits


There are smaller benefits beside improving or eliminating ED. These exercises also help with the risk factors that are associated with the problem. For example, aerobics helps to improve your cardiovascular health and fight other corresponding issues like obesity.


Precision Sexual Health Clinic for Men stresses how ED and the value of exercise in Toronto work together for a positive result. Sexual wellness is an important part of your happiness and health. That’s why our clinic is dedicated to providing the most innovative latest treatments for erectile dysfunction. We uphold the very highest standards of sexual health care for men and treat our patients with respect, dignity and compassion.  Call us today for your complimentary consultation at 416.792.1007 

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